Wooden church of St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki, Medvedie

In the middle of the municipality of Medvedie on a hill is a wooden Orthodox church of St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki, which is included among the cultural monuments of Slovakia. The temple was built in 1903 and went through several renovations during its lifetime. It was damaged during World War II and later repaired in 1946-1947. Around 1980, it underwent an extensive renovation that significantly changed its appearance. The walls of the temple were covered with sheet metal on the outside to prevent the adverse effect of weather. Even though the plating of the walls helped preserve the church to this day, the church lost its appeal.

Fortunately, renovation works which began in 2009 restored the church to its original state. By 2010, the plastic cladding in the interior was removed and the boards forming the inner cladding were restored. This was followed by the renovation of the exterior, which took place in 2012-2013. The sheet metal cladding was removed and the temple received a new, wooden one. The large roof over the church staircase was also removed. The roof was restored as well (the old sheet metal was replaced by copper). The wooden floor in the church has recently been replaced with the new one. At the moment, the iconostasis is being restored.


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