Giraltovce Jewish Cemetery

Jewish cemetery with ornamental tombstones from the 18th century.

According to the records, the cemetery (located directly in the town on the hill) was founded in 1862. In the past, it was used also by smaller Jewish communities living near (Francovce, Kračunovce and Železník). The last burial took place there in 1942. There are about a hundred tombstones, mostly made of sandstone and granite, some damaged, some in a good shape. The inscriptions are in Hebrew, some feature the well-known symbol of a sad willow. Several members of the Lichtenstein and Lustzig families, who contributed to the development of the industry in the town, are buried there. The cemetery is being renovated by local volunteers and the city council. Thanks to them, the damaged tombstones were erected again, the fencing was renewed and the entrance gate was built.


How to get there

You will find the cemetery on Tehelna street, on the hill.