Prešov, Za Kalváriou – Cemjata, the mineral spring

Hike around Šariš – Prešov, Za Kalváriou – Cemjata, the mineral spring. An easy hike to the mineral spring in nearby Cemjata begins behind the Calvary in Prešov. Cemjata is an old suburban relaxation area of ​​Prešov in which a town spa was built around a spring of iron water in the 19th century. The easy hike, less than six kilometers long, passes through forests and hills of the Šariš Highlands. It can be easily completed within two hours – a perfect trip for families with children. Rest areas with benches, fireplaces and a well provide space for a pleasant rest. Cemjata itself is a beautiful place with gazebos, a pond and a mineral spring with mineral water rich in calcium and magnesium. Cemjata is also a tourist crossroads, where the routes to other tourist destinations meet – hiking trail to Čertov kameň (Devil’s Stone) – a unique quartz with veins from the Tertiary in the valley below the hill Ščerbová hora or the Peasant Uprising Monument of 1831 on the Furča hill.


How to get there

Length of the cycling route: 6 km

Difficulty: easy route



Events in Šariš region

Rodina, História, Prednáška

Sunday, June 30, 2024

Šarišský hrad, 082 21 Veľký Šariš, Slovensko