Miklušovce and the Fairy tale Trail of the Elf Mikluš

Miklušovce and the Fairy tale Trail of the Elf Mikluš

Miklušovce and the Fairy tale Trail of the Elf Mikluš in the municipality of Miklušovce. Miklušovce lies on the southern edge of the Šariš Highlands in the valley of the Sopotnica river, 30 km southwest of Prešov. In its forests you will find rich and diverse flora and fauna. On large meadows grow various species of protected plants (Pulsatilla slavica, Anemone nemorosa, unning clubmoss). The municipality also boasts with several springs, for example in Barónske, Jaliny, Konáre, Za horou, Pod Skalou and Žľabky which also supplies the municipality with drinking water.

You should definitely stop by the Fairy tale Trail of the Elf Mikluš. The one-of-a-kind trail was inspired by a story that takes place in the vicinity of the trail. At the individual stops you will get acquainted with the whole story of the elf Mikluš and also creatures who take care of the forest. A walk full of adventure in a slightly demanding terrain / 4.6 km /, with a beautiful view is something you should not miss.

From the village you can also take a pleasant hike towards Roháček / 1,028.5 m. above sea level /, the highest peak of Čierna hora (Black Mountain), from where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside. You should also visit the outdoor gallery in the area near the municipal office created under the initiative of the civic association Sapio and the municipality of Miklušovce.


How to get there

How to get to the trail: the trail is well-marked, the starting point is marked on the map – a bus stop in the direction of Kelnov.

Route length: 3,9 km

Difficulty: suitable for all ages, including children



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