Lookout tower Žobrák (Beggar) 893 m. above sea level

Lookout tower Žobrák (Beggar) 893 m. above sea level

Two lookout towers on the Žobrak saddle. Near the hill Žobrák, in the Čergov Mountains, at an altitude of 893 m above sea level stand two wooden lookout towers – the “old” and the “new” lookout tower. The total elevation over a section of 3 km is 427 meters. The lookout tower is located about one minute behind the Žobrák saddle, in the direction of the Šoltýs meadow. The route from Hervartov takes about one and a half hours. Along the way you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Čergov Mountains and the municipalities at the foot of Čergov – Hervartov, Mihaľov, Kľušov, Bartošovce. The route from Kríže takes about one hour and an elevation gain is 333 meters. The towers are about 80 meters apart. The lookout tower offers nice views of the surrounding area and the main ridge of Čergov.


An information center in Hervartov provides accommodation. There is also a local café.

How to get there

A red mark leads from Hervartov to Žobrák (the Path of the Heroes of the Slovak National Uprising). From the municipality of Kríže, take the blue marked trail. Be careful as some sections are quite steep!



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