Lookout tower Okružná

The lookout tower, the hiking trail, the well with drinking water. The lookout tower is located “Na bani” in the cadastre of Okružná. From its top you can enjoy a beautiful view of the surroundings. The lookout tower was designed and built by Jozef Sukovský from the church charity Okružná. The lookout tower is 5 meters high and was built of wooden profiles on a concrete base. The lookout tower is part of the hiking trail that leads along the top of the old mine to the well with drinking water. It is an ideal place to relax and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature. From the tower you can see Kapušany Castle, the surrounding municipalities and in case of good weather also the peaks of the High Tatras.


How to get there

At the entrance to the municipality, head towards the local cemetery, then turn right, the road leads under the hill and from there up the hill.



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