Forest Park Švabľovka

The former spa with a healing spring and the Švabľovka Forest Park. At the sulphur-rich mineral spring called Švabľovka (Švabľuvka), a small spa was built. The history of the spa in Sabinov dates back to the end of the 15th century. The spa water was famous for treating rheumatism and skin diseases. Patients would relax in the original sulphur baths filled with sulphur-rich water. The remains of the former spa are still visible (holes cut into the rock). The spa was also a place of fun and relaxation and provided simple but effective treatments for rheumatic diseases. In recent years, the spa buildings have completely fallen into disrepair and only the foundations have been preserved.

At present, four nature trail routes lead through the Forest Park – to the surrounding Čergov and Bachureň mountains with beautiful natural scenery and the ruins of Hanigov Castle. 


How to get there

From Sabinov, follow along the blue-marked hiking trail that leads to Uzovský Šalgov or along the green-marked trail leading along the Bachurňa ridge.



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