Count’s Garden – park Hertník

The park by the Hertník Manor House. In the park, which is adjacent to the Manor House Hertník and the church, there is a statue of St. Anton of Padua (1760). This large Rococo sandstone work, created by an unknown sculptor in the second half of the 18th century, was allegedly commissioned by one of the local Forgáč familymen as a memorial to his son Anton. The statue reaches a height of almost 4 meters. It once stood facing the manor house and was surrounded by four lindens. In 1906, the area around the statue was planted with fir trees. In 1934 the statue was renovated and in 1993 its original was replaced by a copy created by sculptor Martin Kutný, a native of Bartošovce. In 1906, the entire Hertník estate, including the manor house, was sold to the company “Magyar Fôld”, which later sold the Hertník’s forests to Jewish entrepreneurs. They hired 150 foreign workers who lived in huts in the forest. At the nearby railway station “Stavenec”, they built a modern sawmill, which processed the felled trees. At that time, the fields around Hertník were offered to the locals for sale. In 1910, the forests together with the manor house became the property of the Austria-Hungary state.


Obecný úrad Hertník
Hertník 162
086 42 Hertník
Tel.: 054 / 4791128
Mobil starosta: +421 911 474 945



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