Plaveč Castle

The castle was built in the years 1270-1294 as a border fortress. It was built at the expense of the nobleman Arnold, son of Detrik, from stone. It got its name after the most important village of the area – Plaveč. In the 18th century, when it lost its military significance, the Paločaj family turned it into a manor house, which was later demolished under the order of Emperor Charles VI because it met the characteristics of an inhabited manor house. It burned down in 1856 and the unstable walls of the castle forced the owners to move. The castle never regained its former glory. Currently, the castle is being renovated (since 2014). The castle offers a unique view of the surroundings and the river Poprad.


How to get to the castle: directly from Plaveč on foot or by car – there is a parking lot under the castle. The castle is accessible for free

Route length: 500 m

Estimated time: 10 minutes by foot

Difficulty: easy hike suitable for all ages.



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