Mansion Kračúnovce

The Classicist mansion Kračúnovce

The Classicist mansion from the middle of the 19th century was built on the foundations of an older building and rebuilt several times. The layout mimics the floor plan of mansions with a central corridor from which rooms with some folk architecture modifications open. It has protruding projections on both sides of the main tract – square corner towers decorated with corner rustication. The one-storey main part of the building had a slightly protruding open risalit, the gable of which once stood on wooden pillars. The windows in this part were decorated with window reliefs of S-shaped folds and shells. A room for servants was added in the west part of the building, thus changing the floor plan of the building into U-shaped. The older rooms in the northern wing of the building boast with Prussian vaults.

The monument is up for restoration.


Obecný úrad
Kračúnovce 350
08701 Giraltovce
Fax: +421 54 778 1071

Kaštieľ sa nachádza na bočnej ulici v smere do obce Železník, blízko križovatky, pod popisným číslom 205.



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