Mansion, Koprivnica

Classicist mansion in Koprivnica

The 19th-century mansion is one of the most interesting architectural monuments in Koprivnica. The one-storey stone mansion located in Koprivnica once belonged to Ľudovít Bertóty. As the mansion’s roof was made of straw, it constantly required repairs. The mansion has an irregular floor plan and only one storey. The landowners managed their large estate from there. After the World War II, the mansion housed a primary school. However, the school later moved to its own premises and the mansion gradually fell into disrepair.

In the 1990s, as part of restitutions, the mansion and other property were claimed by the former owners. However, the building was in poor condition. The owners decided not to take over the property and accepted compensation instead.

Over the course of several years, the municipality managed to acquire ownership of the mansion and renovated it.

At first, the renovated mansion served as a library. Later on, a space for social gathering was created here, too.


Obecný úrad Koprivnivca
Koprivnica 126
086 43 Koprivnica
Tel.: 054 / 739 33 28

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