Manor in Uzovce

Renaissance manor house – Uzovce

In the small village of Uzovce in the Šariš Highlands one can find the important landmark, the manor house, of the village in close proximity to the church. The first mentions were of the curia,. It is believed that it was later re-modelled into a Renaissance manor house, an aristocratic mansion as evidenced by the preserved Baroque arches.  This single-storey building with an irregular rectangular floor plan incorporating a three-storey entrance prism tower and two two-storey corner cylindrical towers (east tower) and prism-shaped tower (western tower) includes a cellar.


Obecný úrad
Uzovce 136
082 66 Uzovce
+421 51 45 21 715

Kaštieľ nájdete v strede obce, v bezprostrednej blízkosti kostola.



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