Manor in Krivany

Classicistic manor house of Bornemisz family – Krivany

In the village of Krivany near Lipany there were 11 to 12 manors, 11 larger mansions of Dessewffy family and 3 to 4 wooden curias with the attic shingled roofs. One of the cultural monuments in the village of Krivany is a Renaissance one-storey manor house from the first half of the 17th century. The Dessewffy family had it built as a castle, defensive mansion with an attic and embrasures. At the end of the 18th century, after a fire, it was modified in the classicistic style. Later the manor belonged to Bornemisz family. The block square building with two round corner towers has an entrance protrusion from the side of the courtyard. In the interior on the ground floor there are Renaissance arches with stucco, on the first floor there are Baroque arches. The English garden by the manor house was created in the first half of the 19th century. Today, however, it is already destroyed by village buildings. In the courtyard of the manor there were stables, carriages, farm buildings, to this day there is a granary and a curia. In 1980, the Monument Institute from Prešov restored the manor house to the original Renaissance style. Today, the area comes across as abandoned.


Obec Krivany
Záhradná 46
082 71 Krivany
+421 51 457 20 55
+421 915 981 834

Kaštieľ stojí hneď pri hlavnej ceste, v juhovýchodnej časti obce. Okolo neho je historický park a hospodárske budovy.
Areál vymedzuje kamenný historický múr so vstupom zo západnej strany.



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