Manor in Jarovnice

Late Baroque manor house of the Szineiy – Merse family – Jarovnice

The late Renaissance manor house was built by the Szinyei family, who were patrons of the parish church and churches in the surrounding villages in the 1870s. At the time, it was surrounded by beautiful parks with hundreds of domestic and foreign trees – giants. According to the sources, which have been preserved in the chronicles of the Szinyei family, the foundations of the manor house were laid by Bank bán, who had a hunting house there. The ground floor area with massive arches and one-metre thick walls is quite old. The first floor superstructure of the manor house was probably built by Szinyei’s ancestors Szinyei Merse Ladislav and his wife Anna Máriássý. The simplicity of the building is accentuated by a double garret roof. The visitors were welcomed in the manor house by around 16 rooms of all sorts of dimensions with lots of corridors and stairs. In the past, the rarity was wonderful ceramic furnaces of diverse shapes, sizes, and also decorations. An interesting thing was that they did not have heating holes from the rooms, but from hidden corridors, resembling tunnels, between the rooms. On the 1st floor in the middle part there was interesting the most spacious oval hall of about 15 meters long with a massive arch. In the past, there was original decoration of frescoes from 1789, which depicted mythological scenes of Saturn, Clio and Diana. Another interesting feature is a first floor extension with spiral stairs and a dome tower will be interested in the north-eastern part of the manor house. On the manor facade the family coat of arms of the Szinyei family carved into granite: a winged angel with a fish in his arms would catch your attention. Today, the coat of arms is located in the local cemetery in the middle of the iron fence of the family tomb Sziynei Merse.


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