Manor House, Žipov

The Classicist manor house Žipov

Žipov lies in the southern part of the highlands Šarišká vrchovina, in the valley of the Kanovský brook. The first mention of Žipov dates back from 1354. In the 18th century, with the arrival of the aristocratic Rholl family, the municipality flourished. In the past, the municipality was known for its metal melting shops – mainly iron, but also silver, copper, mercury. The building of the old distillery has also been preserved. A smaller sacral building built near the manor house in the Baroque – Classicist style dates back from the first half of the 19th century.

The classicist two-winged manor house was built on foundations of a Renaissance building. The one-storey building has a rectangular floor plan. In the middle, the façade is divided by a deep elevated risalit – a protrusion from the façade – and a tympanum. Originally, there was a balcony above the stone entrance portal, which was supported by fluted columns, which, however, were removed in the 1960s. In the rooms on the ground floor, which in the past were used as a kitchen and warehouses, there are cross vaults. The rooms on the first floor have barrel and lunette vaults. In the first half of the 19th century, the Rholls built a Classicist mansion at the southwest corner of the manor. The mansions closed the estate from the west. This created a courtyard with a small ellipse-shaped park, in the middle of which is a deep well and an old elm. The courtyard was surrounded by a stone wall, in the east was a gate called “kapura” (its name survived to this date). The estate also featured farm buildings west and south of the manor house. This place is still called “Ribnik”. A well-preserved villa, popularly called Mošareň in the locality of Ribnički, also survived to this day.
The manor house was repaired in 1985, but due to several insensitive interventions in the last century, its appearance changed dramatically.


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