Manor House Terňa

Renaissance Manor House Terňa

The municipality of Terňa is one of the oldest in the Šariš region. It used to be a very important place as a business road to Bardejov led through it. The first written record of the municipality dates back to 1259, when Belo IV. donated the land of THERNE, originally belonging to the Šariš Castle, to the Polish knight Adam. Later, the land became the hereditary property of the Thekulov family and in the 19th century of the Bornemisz family. The neighbouring villages of Babin Potok and Hradisko with Podhradisko also belonged to the municipality of Terňa. The local part Hradisko lies on the hill “Hrádok”, the site of the older Slavic settlement. The Slovak name of the village is derived from the word thorn (in the Šariš dialect). In the middle of the municipality stands originally a Renaissance manor house from 1509. It is one-storey building with a rectangular floor plan. The extension with a staircase was designed as a raised ground floor. The façades are divided by corner pilasters with a rich stucco Rococo head, connected by a crown cornice. In the middle axis of the extension are the remains of a portal and above it a small balcony, which once had a rococo lattice and a lavish door with rich stucco decoration. In the rooms you will find Renaissance ridge vaults.


Obec Terňa
Hlavná 119/58
082 67 Terňa
Tel: 051 45 95 221, 051 48 91 418

Kaštieľ nájdete na hlavnej ceste, blízko kostola sv. Kataríny Alexandrijskej.



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