Bodoň Castle

The castle is built on a distinctive round rock at an altitude of 855.2 m. above the sea level. It has several names – the round shape of the rock gave the castle its popular name “Kerekku” (Round Rock) already in the Middle Ages. The Slavic population living in the immediate vicinity named it Makovica (Poppyhead) due to its strange shape – it is visible from a distance like a poppyhead in a meadow. The third name of the castle is Bodoň – named after its founder – the nobleman Budun of Ploské. According to preserved documents, his family members (wife and children) hid in the castle during the Tartar invasions at the end of the 13th century and at the beginning of the 14th century. The castle was inhabited only for a short time in the Middle Ages. The rescue archaeological research revealed several buildings in the area, mainly the foundations of the main tower. This tower together with the visible ramparts of the former walls are the most visible remains of the castle. Due to its altitude, Bodoň Castle is one of the highest placed medieval castles in Slovakia. It occupies almost the entire top platform of the rock with dimensions of 52×50 m. The height of the rock walls is up to 20 meters.

The high rock walls, especially in the east as well as on the south side, are a sought-after training spot of rock climbers.


How to get to the castle: you can get to the castle along the yellow-marked tourist path leading from Zlatá Baňa. Turn right and take the forest path to the Makovica hill, once there, take the path leading to the rock cliff on which stands the castle. The path continues to the municipality of Abranovce.
The fastest way to get to the castle (suitable especially for cyclists) is through the valley Rácová dolina along the forest asphalt road to the Heteť saddle, where the road ends and connects to the yellow-marked tourist path. Turn left, towards Pusté pole (Zlatá Baňa). After a short climb, you reach the plateau dominated by the huge rock cliff.

Route length: 12,7 km, around 3 hours and 30 minutes.

Difficulty:  Due to the distance, we consider the route to be slightly demanding, but still suitable for every age group. be careful, especially on the narrow access path leading to the castle. 



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