Bardejov Jewish Cemetery

The last resting place of members of the Bardejov Jewish community can be found at the Ľudovít Štúr Street. The 654 m² cemetery consists mainly of a grassy area​ and 1,288 graves from the 18th,19th and 20th centuries. The oldest part of the cemetery is situated in the north near a small stream. Women’s and men’s graves lie separate. The tombstones are made mainly of sandstone, most of which are finished in a semicircular shape. Due to time, many inscriptions became almost illegible. The most interesting features of this cemetery were colored tombstones – yellow, green, blue, red, red-blue, red-white and yellow-blue. Tombstones of rabbis were black with gold, yellow or yellow-green lettering. The colorful cemetery was unique at the time of its greatest glory – it was influenced by the Galician culture. According to all indications, this method of decoration was introduced by the members of the rabbinical Halberstamm dynasty who came from the Polish town of Nowy Sącz. The symbolic ornaments like animals (lions, deer, birds, unicorns), crowns and candlesticks were also once colored. The motif of a sad willow and the Star of David appears on newer tombstones. In the middle of the cemetery is a small brick building (Hebrew fire), in which Rabbi Moshe (1848 – 1903), his wife Rachel Fajga and their son Rabbi Jechiel Nathan (1866 – 1934) are buried.


Adresa: ul. Ľudovíta Štúra, 085 01 Bardejov



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