Kysak surroundings

Kysak has been located from the beginning at the crossroads, at the point where Hornád River changes its course to the south – at the place, which opens into the valley of Šariš, Abov and Spiš Regions. Black Mountain (Slovak: Čierna hora) is a mountain range that forms the border with the Slovak Ore Mountains […]

Hanusovce nad Toplou and surroundings

A small town which, in addition to two manors, offers uniqueness in the form of a viaduct and the entrance gate to the beautiful surrounding nature. The town of Hanušovce nad Topľou is located in the north-eastern part of Slovakia in the valley of the Topľa River. Its territory is part of the Beskydy foothills […]

Svidnik city surroundings

The district town of Svidník lies in the northern part of the Low Beskids, on the water meadow terrace at the river mouth of the Ladomirka River into the Ondava River at an altitude of about 230 m. The village was founded in 1944 by the merger of two municipalities – Nižný Svidník, situated on […]

Lipany city surroundings

Lipany, metaphorically the town of seven linden trees (depicted on the Coat of Arms of the town), is the cultural and administrative centre of the northern part of the Upper Torysa region. The town of Lipany stretches between the Šariš highlands and the Čergov mountains, on the upper course of the Torysa River.  The town […]

Sabinov city surroundings

The town of Sabinov lies on the water meadow of the Torysa River at an altitude of 324 meters above sea level surrounded by the easternmost outcrop of Bachureň Mountains and the Čergov Mountain range.  The first written mention of Sabinov as a considerably developed royal village is from 1248. Its inhabitants were mainly engaged […]

Bardejov city surroundings

Bardejov, a royal free city and one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, is the most beautiful town in Slovakia, and one of the five most important self-government areas in the Kingdom of Hungary with a Gothic touch. In the northeast corner of Slovakia, almost on the border with Poland, lies the ancient town of […]

Prešov city surroundings

Šariš (Hungarian: Sáros, German: Scharosch, Ukrainian: Шариш, Latin: Sarossiensis) is Slovak region and tourism region (full name Šariš region of tourism). The region is divided into Horný Šariš with its centre in Bardejov, and Dolný Šariš with its centre in Prešov. In the younger Iron Age, the Celts expanded in this territory. This important ethnic […]

City of Prešov

The city of Prešov is situated on a territory between 49 degrees of latitude and 21.15 degrees of longitude with an elevation of 296 meters. The 49th parallel crosses the city in the middle of the main square. The city is situated on both banks of the Torysa and Sekčov rivers, at the northern tip […]