The archeological park Hradisko (Hillfort) Lipany

The archeological park Hradisko (Hillfort) Lipany

The archeological park with an archery range, menagerie and amphitheater.

Hradisko (Hillfort) Lipany, located in a quiet forest area near Rožkovianske ponds, is a place where the past meets the present, a place where you can relax. The area of Hradisko (Hillfort) includes an archeological park – a Slavic fortified settlement, a historic archery range, a menagerie and a small amphitheater where non-commercial cultural events and workshops take place, like Dzedovotřeb festival, which in addition to music, singing, dancing and plays offers tasty Slovak dishes and showings of folk products and traditional crafts.

The Historical Festival with a knight tournament, belly dancers and falconers is being held here annually.


How to get there

It is located just 5 minutes from the center of Lipany, in a quiet location and close to the three large ponds.



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