Educational trail Sisi, Bardejovské Kúpele

In the footsteps of the Empress Sissi – Elizabeth of Bavaria. On July 1, 1895, 58 years old Elizabeth of Bavaria, the wife of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria, also known as Sissi, visited Bardejov Spa. She sought shelter, a place where she would heal, relax and let go of her grief over the tragic death of her son Rudolph. She stayed at the Deák Hotel, which was later named after her. According to available information, she probably stayed in what is now known as room no. 218, from which she had a view of the spa. The Empress was said to be a good patient. She strictly followed the spa regime and, on the recommendation of the attending physician, drank water mainly from the Lobogo spring, later named after her. When she left on July 22, 1895, she declared, “I have spent an unforgettable three weeks here, I feel healthy and fresh, like I am eighteen again.” You can discover her favourite places if you follow along the “Sissi Nature Trail”. The path is 2.3 kilometers long, has seven stops and takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. Be sure to visit the Sissi Museum Apartment, where you can buy various Sissi-style gift items.
One of the highlights of the cultural summer in Bardejovské Kúpele is Elizabeth’s Day (Alžbentínsky deň). It is held at the end of August as a memorial day in honour of the Empress’s visit.


Muzeálny apartmán nájdete v Liečebnom dome Alžbeta na prízemí.
Pondelok – Piatok : každú hodinu od 8.30 do 11.30h
Sobota – Nedeľa : každú hodinu od 13.30 do 16.00 h
Dĺžka jedného vstupu je 15 minút
Vstupné: 1€/os. sa platí na recepcii, súčasťou vstupného je brožúrka “Sisi v Bardejovských Kúpeľoch”.

Trasa chodníka:
1. Zastavenie: Alžbetínsky Park, Pamätník – Bronzová Socha Sisi (Július Donáth)
2. Zastavenie: Lávka Priateľstva
3. Zastavenie: Nad Kúpaliskom
4. Zastavenie: Kyslíková Dráha
5. Zastavenie: Čierna Mláka
6. Zastavenie: Jazierko
7. Zastavenie: Parčík Diana, Hotel Alžbeta, Bývalý Hotel Deák